MAS GROUP, founded in Sudan about two decades ago, is a conglomerate with operations across Sudan’s most dynamic economic sectors. The Group commands leadership positions in all its businesses that share a simple, yet effective, corporate vision which is providing the customers with unparalleled satisfaction.


The Group has business interests in no. of sectors critical to not only Sudan’s sustained development, but it has also enabled the Group to expand its footprint across Africa and the Middle East.


Agriculture, Agri Commodities Trading, Agricultural Mechanization Products, Aviation, Mining, and Earthmoving Equipment, Electronics and Mobiles Phones, Chemicals, and Renewable Energy equipment sales and service are a few of the key business interests of the group.

MAS Group in Sudan has always strived for excellence and we have developed loyal and strong distribution channels, across our range of products, as well as a deep understating of the socio-demographic which has contributed to our success as a customer-centric organization.


MAS Group is making significant inroads into African, Middle Eastern, and Asian markets by leveraging proven business models - partnerships with leaders of each product and service line, efficient management of business drivers, and optimization of its supply chain.




As an organization, we are driven by Strong Value Systems as laid down by our Founder. Besides giving back to the community by investing in their wellbeing, we also believe that our People are our greatest asset and they are at the heart of our Organization.


Quality sets us apart and the commitment to high standards of Service ties us together. We strongly believe that a good quality product should always be backed by attentive and quick responses to the customers which enhances their satisfaction while dealing with us.


At MAS Group, we are honest, ethical, and fair and we take responsibility for our actions and words. We strive for continuous learning and growth and we believe in a win-win relationship with all the stakeholders.


To set leadership standards of performance & customer care to become the most preferred partner for conducting businesses with the industries of our interest.
To bring inspiration & innovation and to always strive to become the most trusted Group of Companies in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.


We are committed to bringing value to all our stakeholders through operational and financial excellence with ethical and best practices that are built on integrity, loyalty, and trust.

We strive to anticipate and prepare ourselves for facing the rapidly changing world and adopt good practices suitable for our business interests.

We strive to provide the best quality products & services to have the highest level of customer satisfaction while contributing to preserving the environment and contributing positively to society.


The MAS Group team is a collection of professionals that embodies the best of the Group's values. Each member of the team seeks to provide the customer with unparalleled satisfaction. They strive for excellence in each Group sector and have keen interests in Sudan's sustained development.


Our team's deep understanding of the socio-demographic environment has contributed to MAS Group's success as a customer-centric organization.